Grand Prix Formula 1 of Azerbaijan

Baku City Circuit is a street circuit of Baku. The 6-kilometer track partially runs through the center of the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, along Primorsky Boulevard and the Government House. Part of the track passes through the old town. The architectural bureau of Herman Tilke designed the Formula 1 Baku City Circuit track. It is one of the fastest city trails. In terms of lap length, it is inferior to Spa; in terms of the number of turns – to Singapore and Abu Dhabi. The track spins counterclockwise. The maximum speed on a straight line is 370 km/h. Baku City Circuit consists of twenty turns, eight of which are 90-degrees. The starting line and the boxes are in Azadliq Square. After the start, skirting the Government House, the route goes to the Flag Square, along Istiglaliyyat Street, and past the Fortress Wall. The first sector passes through elite urban areas and, after the seventh turn, leads to the old town. The Formula 1 track in Baku near the old city does not allow you to accelerate. But from the third sector, the bolides can show maximum speed.

You can watch the race bolides from the stands located along the Baku City Circuit. Each of them has a different overview of the route, and several parts can be seen from some at once.


Absheron. It's the main grandstand of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It is opposite the Pit Building with team boxes. From here, you can see the highlights of the start of the competition and watch the pit stop. Here the races begin, and a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners takes place. Azneft. The grandstand is on the square of the same name in the city center. The audience has an excellent view of the 16th turn near Primorsky Boulevard. The tennis club and yacht club of Baku are located nearby.

For fans, this place is notable because the bolides race to the stands at maximum speed, enter a sharp turn, and pick up speed again. One of the most spectacular parts of the race takes place here.

Icheri Sheher. The grandstand offers a gorgeous view of the bolides rapidly racing along the old town track. The place is truly unique. It is at the highest point of the area – in front of the entrance to Gosha Gala (old town).

Mugham. The grandstand is on Primorsky Boulevard, not far from the Puppet Theater. Viewers from their seats have a great view of two track sections at once. Such a view allows you to follow the races without missing the most curious events. The incredible sight of the bolides rushing towards each other is fascinating.

Sahil. From the grandstand, there is a view of two track sections. The audience will be able to see how the participants enter three turns in different directions. Here the racers will be able to show their skills by deftly maneuvering and fitting into turns at speed. Especially bright moments are waiting for the fifth and sixth turns.

Giz Galasi. It is opposite the Maiden Tower, a unique monument listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walls of this structure have been preserved since ancient times, and they have witnessed many significant historical events, including the Formula 1 Grand Prix races.

Khazar. Being here, you can observe the maximum speed of the cars. The highest intensity of passion on the track occurs when participants have the opportunity to accelerate properly. Khazar is in front of the Museum Center opposite the Boulevard grandstand.

Boulevard. Here you can clearly see what is happening on the section of the Formula 1 track in the Primorsky Boulevard area. The speed of the cars in this section reaches 300 km/h. The audience will be able to feel the full power and strength of the participants in the competition. If someone sets a new record, it will most likely be on this section of the track.

Filarmoniya. From the grandstand, you can look at the bolides' turns on the section of the Baku City Circuit going down to the embankment. At the sixteenth turn, the most enchanting overtaking will take place. Filarmoniya is one of the most aesthetic stands throughout the Formula 1 circuit. The beautiful green garden behind the auditorium and the building of the Philharmonic named after M. Magomayev contrast interestingly with what is happening on the Formula 1 circuit in Baku. On a straight segment of it, there is an instant acceleration before the 16th turn.

Free placement. The organizers of the races made it possible for almost every motorsports fan to attend the Grand Prix. A free placement zone was equipped along the track in the Primorsky Park area. Here, you can watch the competitions standing up. In addition, you can independently choose the place from where it is most convenient for you to follow the events on the Formula 1 track. All entertainment is available to viewers from the free placement zone. Paddock Club. For connoisseurs of premium recreation, comfortable seats are equipped in the Formula One Paddock Club, located directly above the team boxes. Here, you can enjoy the best views of the Formula 1 track in Baku.


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