Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix has recently entered the F1 calendar. The debut race took place in 2022 at the Miami International Autodrome in Miami Gardens. Further competitions will also be here. Buy official tickets for the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix on our website.

The first proposal to hold the Formula 1 stage in Miami was in 2018. But it was possible to implement it only by 2022. The famous races took place at the Miami International Autodrome in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA.

Where is the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix taking place?

The circuit is in the state of Florida. The designers of Formula 1 Apex Circuit Design specifically designed it for the World Championship stage. This circuit is a permanent track with temporary infrastructure. So, all elements, like fences, will be removed during the absence of races. When designing the route, they paid great attention to ensuring that car racing did not interfere with residents. Sophisticated fans who have been to car races more than once will have something to see in Miami. The Miami International Autodrome circuit runs around the Hard Rock Stadium and its private facilities in the Miami suburb of Miami Gardens, Florida. The length of the route is 5,412 km and includes 19 turns. In addition to spectacular races, entertainment events are waiting for fans in the schedule of the Miami F1 Grand Prix 2024. Formula 1 guests will also be interested in exploring local attractions.

How to buy tickets to the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix?

To get to the most prestigious and famous car races in the world, you should take care of buying tickets in advance. On our website, you can order the required number of tickets. Specify your contacts in the application and how many seats you want to book. Your order will be processed and confirmed within a short time. After that, you will be able to pay for the purchase. You can pay online using a bank card. Immediately after the payment, you'll receive tickets for the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix in your email. It is not necessary to print them.

You can feel the whole drive and the intensity of auto racing by attending them personally. Become a part of a grand event by buying tickets to the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix.


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