Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix

In modern Formula 1, the Mexican Grand Prix was first held in 2015. For several years, the race at the Hermanos Rodriguez Circuit has become one of the brightest on the calendar. It is liked not only by fans but also by pilots. Buy official tickets for the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix on our website. Every year thousands of fans attend the race to cheer on Mexican racer Sergio Pérez and see the battle of other top drivers.

Where is the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix taking place?

The first Mexican Grand Prix was in 1962. Then, it was not on the calendar. The race received the status of an official stage in 1963 and was held here until 1970. Then there was a long break, and the next period of the Grand Prix on the track in Mexico City began in 1986 and ended in 1992. Starting in 2015, the Hermanos Rodriguez Circuit in Magdalena Mixhuca Park has returned to the calendar. The Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix 2022 is special because it takes place on a semi-urban highway at an altitude of about 2,300 meters above sea level, which causes technical difficulties in setting up cars. The engine loses a decent amount of power, which has to be compensated by aerodynamics.

When will the F1 Mexican Grand Prix take place?

In 2022, the Mexican Grand Prix will be from October 27 to October 30. Traditionally, the race weekend takes place during the holiday “El Día de Muertos” – the national equivalent of Halloween. The schedule of the F1 Mexican Grand Prix includes a big performance with a carnival, a performance of stars, and a disco on the last sector of the track, which simultaneously acts as a baseball stadium at normal times.

How to buy tickets for the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix?

To order tickets, fill out a small form specifying your email, phone number, name, and a number of tickets. Then you need to choose seats in the stands and a payment method. After making a purchase, the order status will change to Paid. You'll receive your tickets at the specified email address. You can also order tickets for the Mexican Grand Prix with courier delivery.

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