British Formula 1 Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is one of the stages of Formula 1. The World Auto Racing Championship began its history in this country. In 1950, the first stage of F1 took place here. Currently, the races are at the Silverstone Circuit. Fans of spectacular competitions can buy official tickets for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the UK online on our website.

Motor racing is important in the UK. The first Grand Prix was held here in 1926 at the Brooklands Circuit. The Formula 1 class championship has been held in the country since 1950. King George VI and numerous fans were present at the first ever F1 stage. Then, the triumphant victory went to driver Nino Farina.

Where is the British Formula 1 Grand Prix taking place now?

The competition takes place near the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire. The modern Silverstone circuit is significantly different from the one decades ago. Its configuration has become 745 meters longer, a section of a high-speed bend, a bundle of three turns, and a long straight line have been laid between the Club and Brooklands turns. With a lap length of 5891 meters, Silverstone is second only to Baku, Spa, and Jeddah. Recently, they added the Hamilton Straight, named after the seven-time world champion.

The track is not easy. It has different asphalt and a lot of bumps, which is important to know when adjusting the suspension height. But most riders have performed at Silverstone many times - they know the circuit like the back of their heads.

In addition to the traditional races, there are many interesting events on the schedule of the British F1 Grand Prix 2024, such as artists' performances and entertainment shows.

How to buy tickets for the British Formula 1 Grand Prix?

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