Paddock Club Tickets

In Formula One Paddock Club, comfortable seats with the best track views await the connoisseurs of motorsport. Here, you can enjoy a premium vacation without missing important moments of the competition. Formula One Paddock Club is VIP seats with corresponding privileges. Guests staying in the Paddock will have access to seats on the grandstand located on the roof above the team boxes, access to the track, an open bar with champagne and other drinks, chic gourmet cuisine, entertainment, a magnificent view of the start and finish of the race, parking space for three people, an event program, and a pair of earplugs. You can buy VIP Formula 1 tickets at Paddock Club on our website.

Paddock Club guests have a unique opportunity to meet motorsport stars, meet world celebrities, take pictures with them, recharge with the energy of the sport, and feel the atmosphere of a grand event.

The VIP area is distinguished by high service. Formula One Paddock Club guests will enjoy fine dining and premium drinks. A whole team of world-class chefs and high-class staff will serve the recreation area in the Paddock. Here, you can taste dishes of any cuisine and, of course, the best local masterpieces of culinary art. You will enjoy every minute spent in the Paddock Club.

In addition to privacy, excellent service, and the best views of the track, guests are guaranteed complete security.

How to buy VIP tickets at Paddock Club?

You can place an order online. Select the Formula One Paddock Club program and fill out a simple application on our website. Be sure to specify your email address. After payment, you'll receive your Formula 1 tickets to the Paddock Club in your email. You can also order courier delivery of VIP tickets for Formula 1. Your order will be promptly processed and transferred to the delivery service. We guarantee 100% security of the transaction and authenticity of the Formula 1 Paddock Club tickets.

Don't miss the most spectacular sporting event! The best racers will meet on the track in Baku to determine who is faster and more powerful! Many bright moments and unexpected turns of events are waiting for you. Perhaps, you will see with your own eyes how new records are being set. The best view of the track is waiting for you in the Paddock Club!