Jeddah Circuit


JeddahJeddah Circuit

Formula 1. Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2025

18Fri, 08:00Apr 2025

20Sun, 08:00Apr 2025


JeddahJeddah Circuit

Formula 1. Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2025. 3-day package

18Fri, 08:00Apr 2025



The Jeddah Circuit (Saudi Arabia) hosts the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

This is the fastest track in the world, and it was built in a country that opened to tourists only in 2019. The Jeddah city highway was built on the Jeddah Corniche embankment adjacent to the Red Sea. It was put into operation in 2021. Now this route is considered one of the most interesting. Its length is just over 6 km. and in this indicator it is second only to the track in Spa. Another feature is the abundance of turns, there are as many as 27 of them on the track!

All this makes it one of the best tracks in the Middle East; it combines length, the possibility of overtaking, the development of enormous speeds and an original configuration. Thus, on one of the turns the speed can reach 322 km/h, and the average speed is 252 km/h.

You can buy tickets for the Jeddah Circuit in different sectors. There are main stands, central stands, premium stands and the Paddock Club, where the most elite seats are located. Each stand is divided into sectors.

One of the features of this track is a large amount of interactive entertainment for racing guests. Here you can buy branded goods, go karting, watch the teams' pits after the awards ceremony, and attend a concert where famous musicians perform.

The first winner on the new track was Hamilton in 2021, Perez won twice, and Verstappen was the leader in 2024. In 2025, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will take place from April 18 to 20.

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First Grand Prix:


Number of laps:


Circle length:


Race distance:

308.45 km

Lap record:

1:30.734 Lewis Hamilton (2021)

Jeddah Circuit layout: