Albert Park Circuit


MelbourneAlbert Park Circuit

Formula 1. Australian Grand Prix 2025

14Fri, 08:00Mar 2025

16Sun, 08:00Mar 2025


MelbourneAlbert Park Circuit

Formula 1. Australian Grand Prix 2025. 3-day package

14Fri, 08:00Mar 2025



Albert Park Circuit is a race track that hosts such prestigious competitions as Formula 1, Formula 3 and Formula 3. and "Formula Ford". Not only automobile but also motorcycle competitions are held here.

Traditionally, racing in Albert Park opens the new season.

The track was built in 1996, and in the almost 30 years since its opening, many world records have been set on it. So, until 2021 it was the fastest urban highway in the world. The average lap speed on it is 237.2 km/h. Now the Jeddah Corniche track in Saudi Arabia has received the palm. In 2008, the Melbourne Grand Prix was attended by 300 thousand people, which also set a record attendance. Stars such as Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen won on this track.

You can also buy tickets at the Albert Park Circuit for events such as the 2025 Australian Grand Prix, which will take place from March 14 to 16.

The track is located in a picturesque location: it frames Lake Elbert Park. Let us note that until the mid-2000s there was no tradition of building highways near bodies of water. Therefore, the track in Albert Park has long been considered one of the most beautiful. This Australian track has one more feature: its surface is an ordinary road surface. 9 out of 12 months this road is used by ordinary cars.

Pilots note that the Albert Park Circuit is a fast track and quite easy to pilot. At the same time, there are few flat places on the site, but many turns. Therefore, there are no easy overtakings here.

Tickets to Albert Park Circuit

Racing at Albert Park Circuit always attracts attention, and this year the anniversary, 75th season of Formula 1 will open here. Of course, it will arouse special interest. Book your tickets on our website now, it’s simple and fast. In the application, indicate your contact information, the required number of tickets, pay for the order and receive invitations to your email.

First Grand Prix:


Number of laps:


Circle length:


Race distance:

306.124 km

Lap record:

1:19.813 Charles Leclerc (2024)

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