Circuit de Monaco


Circuit de Monaco

Formula 1. Monaco Grand Prix 2025

23Fri, 08:00May 2025

25Sun, 08:00May 2025


Circuit de Monaco

Formula 1. Monaco Grand Prix 2025. 3-day package

23Fri, 08:00May 2025



The famous Circuit de Monaco in Monaco is considered an iconic track. All drivers dream of racing on this track, because this is the oldest and most prestigious award in Formula 1.

Soon the track in Monaco will celebrate its 100th anniversary, because it has been used for racing since 1929, but in the Formula 1 calendar gained a foothold much later - in 1950.

Tickets for the Circuit de Monaco - an opportunity to see how race cars driven by star pilots race along the ordinary roads of the Principality.

Now the Monaco circuit will not impress with its speed characteristics, because it is considered the slowest in the championship - sometimes drivers are forced to reduce the speed to 65 km/h. But this is not all the nuances of Circuit de Monaco. The track is very narrow, so overtaking on it is incredibly difficult: two cars can barely fit here. Pilots must be as attentive and careful as possible: the slightest mistake and fatal consequences cannot be avoided.

Racing in Monaco always attracts thousands of spectators, because they are intense and spectacular. What makes them especially poignant is one of the most important corners of the track, called the Grand Hotel Hairpin. Here the drivers are deceived by the difference in altitude, so collisions when overtaking are very common here. A section of the route called "Pool" also prepares many surprises for the participants. Here, sharp turns at high speed often result in flying off the track and collisions.

There are tracks where determination and excellent physical shape are very important. But that's not the case in Monaco. Here the main role is played by concentration and the ability to calculate one’s strength.

And one more reason why victory on the Monaco circuit remains so desirable. Technology is improving every day. But against the backdrop of records, the identity of the pilot is lost. The track in Monaco is one of those where the most important factor is still the human factor, not the technical one. The legendary Ayrton Senna won in Monaco 6 times, and Michael Schumacher - 5 times.

Tickets for Circuit de Monaco

In 2025, the Monaco Grand Prix will take place from 23 to 25 May. You can order tickets on our website now, and then you will definitely be able to take the best seats. You only need to provide your contact information, pay for the order and receive invitations by email. Everything is as fast, transparent and reliable as possible!

First Grand Prix:


Number of laps:


Circle length:

3,337 km

Race distance:

260, 286 km.

Lap record:

1:12.909 Lewis Hamilton (2021)

Circuit de Monaco: