Monza Autodromo


MonzaMonza Autodromo

Formula 1. Italian Grand Prix 2024

30Fri, 08:00Aug

01Sun, 08:00Sep


MonzaMonza Autodromo

Formula 1. Italian Grand Prix 2024. 3-day package

30Fri, 08:00Aug



Monza Autodromo, located near the city of Monza in Italy, north of Milan, is one of the oldest and most prestigious racing circuits in the world. Its rich history and legendary status make this venue a must-see for motorsport fans and history buffs alike.

Since its opening in 1922, Monza Autodromo has become a symbol of speed and technical excellence. The track is famous for hosting the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, which attracts the attention of millions of spectators around the world. Speed records were set here, which are still unsurpassed in modern Formula 1.

Monza Autodromo is famous for its long straight sections where drivers reach incredible speeds. This is the fastest track in modern Formula 1, where the lap speed record was set, as well as the second highest absolute top speed result. The track requires powerful engines from the cars, which makes it unique and different from other racing tracks, where aerodynamics and driver skill play a key role.

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Visit Monza Autodromo and witness unforgettable racing events on the legendary Italian circuit!

First Grand Prix:


Number of Laps:


Circuit Length:


Race Distance:

306.72 km

Lap Record:

1:21.046 Rubens Barrichello (2004)

Monza Autodromo route diagram