Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Both Italian fans of Ferrari and Formula 1 and all fans of royal racing know the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. The first Grand Prix at the Monza Circuit was in 1950, and since then, races have been held here regularly. To visit the legendary circuit and watch the battle of the strongest drivers, buy tickets to the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix on our website.

Where is the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix taking place?

In recent years, the Italian stage always takes place at the circuit near the city of Monza. The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza circuit, which hosts the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix, is distinguished by high maximum speeds and severe braking, which drivers perform several times per lap. There's a straight start/finish line, on which the cars accelerate to 340-350 km/h and then brake sharply to 90 km/h before the first chicane. Due to the abundance of straight lines, engineers have to configure the machines in a special way. The car must have sufficient downforce to stay on the track in high-speed turns and, at the same time, have a small angle of attack of the wings to accelerate well on the straights.

When will the 2024 Italian Grand Prix take place?

Local F1 fans will gather in the stands again to cheer for Ferrari and other teams. The 2024 Italian F1 Grand Prix schedule includes team placements on Thursday, practice on Friday, a practice session and qualifying on Saturday, and races on Sunday. In addition, the organizers will hold many entertainment events for fans.

How to buy tickets for the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix?

Book seats in the stands of the Monza Circuit from your computer or smartphone. It is enough to leave a request with a phone number, email address, and the number of tickets, and then select seats on the grandstand scheme. After the order status changes to Paid, tickets for the Italian F1 Grand Prix will be sent by email in electronic format or by courier delivery to your address.

The Italian Grand Prix has been a stage that all fans of the highest car series dream of visiting for many years. The Temple of Speed, as fans call it, leaves the most vivid memories from a personal visit to Formula 1.


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