2 October 2023

Max Verstappen shared his emotions from winning the Japanese Grand Prix

Commenting on the past event, Verstappen noted that he was very pleased with the behavior of his RB19 car. He emphasized that regardless of the tires, the car behaved predictably and even a slight hitch at the start and leaving the track did not affect the overall result. Overall, it was interesting and pleasant to pilot.

The Red Bull team was lucky enough to win the Constructors' Championship six rounds before the end of the season. The racer is sure that such merit – the result of coordinated team work. He said that each participant knows his business, and active communication between them also plays a big role. The specialists do everything possible that is in their power, but according to Max, a lot depends on the car. 

Hereditary driver Max Verstappen has been recognized as the Formula 1 world champion in the last two seasons. Having gained a sufficient advantage over Perez in the individual competition, the Dutchman has every chance at the next stage in Qatar to become the gold medalist of the competition ahead of schedule. Since 2016, the racer has been competing for the Red Bull team. Behind the Grand Prix Monaco, Miami, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, where he took first place almost everywhere. Of course, all F-1 fans They watch the world races with bated breath and wait for new victories from the master of speed and off-road! The Grand Prix in Qatarwill be held from October 6 to 8.


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9 August 2021

"Bee 2" will hold a concert in Sochi before the Formula 1 race!

During the F1 racing weekend in Sochi, the Russian group "Bi 2" will perform their concert, where they will perform old and new hits. Tickets for the concert can be bought on our website!

31 July 2021

Concert of the "Zveri" group in the Sochi Olympic Park!

The cultural program of the race weekend in Sochi includes several concerts by popular performers. One of them will be the "Beasts" concert, which will take place on Friday. Tickets are already available on our website!

29 April 2023

Buy tickets for two days of the Formula 1 Grand Prix and witness the exciting stage of the championship in the UAE!

The next stage of the current season of Formula 1 will be held in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Already now you can buy tickets for two days of the Formula 1 Grand Prix and get into the main motorsport event of the year.

29 April 2023

Experience a new track and great atmosphere at the 2023 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix!

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28 August 2023

FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D'ITALIA 2023: Adrenaline, speed and race in Monza

Get ready for an exciting show on the Monza Autodromo track! Formula 1 returns to Italy from 1 to 3 September 2023.

26 August 2023


The US Formula 1 Grand Prix of 2023 promises to be a real sensation! Book tickets on our website and immerse yourself in the world of energy, passion and adrenaline of Formula 1 in the USA!

18 September 2023

The McLaren team managed to update only Norris for the stage in Singapore

In preparation for the Singapore Grand Prix, McLaren's MCL60 car of Lando Norris received updates, and his teammate Oscar Piastri will receive his update package at the next round in Japan.

13 November 2023

Grand Prix of Las Vegas: a track on a city highway located in the area of the Las Vegas Strip

You can buy official tickets for the 2023 Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix online on our website. This is the penultimate stage of the championship, so we should expect a tense struggle on all sections of the track.

13 November 2023

The final race of the Formula 1 Championship 2023 will be held in Abu Dhabi: book tickets for the entire race weekend

The Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix is one of the largest annual sporting events in the United Arab Emirates. The race attracts hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world.

9 November 2023

We invite you to 2 days of Formula 1 Championship 2023 races, which will be held in Abu Dhabi

The final stage of Formula 1 will be held in the UAE, Abu Dhabi. The race will be attended by hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world.

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